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Dove Nails TV is our first programdigital content, created to stand outthe world of nails. 

Nail design is an art and here we are going to show it to you.

Not only will you find trending designs, or tutorials that encourage you to do it yourself, but we also offer you a wide variety of digital content.

YOUR NAILS CAN DO EVERYTHING is one of the main blocks, where we show you that there are no excuses to train and have Coffin long nails. 

We will also tour Buenos Aires in TOURIST MODE, looking for new and sophisticated places, showing you everything they have to offer, and where your nails can shine and be the stars of the place, while we taste the best drinks and the best food in the city!  

In the course, we will meet Celebrities to whom we conducted an INTERVIEW  so you can get to know them even more!

But you can also be part of this incredible universe. PALOMA LA COMPETENCIA is in search of new manicures that are encouraged to demonstrate their talent and win amazing prizes.


This, and much more on Paloma Nails TV.

#EDV 2023
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